Finding Connection through Team and Community

The Rising Stars Foundation is an official Manitoba non-profit corporation.  As illustrated in our official logo, we stand for the foundational principles of our province. 

At the heart of our logo, and our organization, is the Medicine Wheel, a symbol utilized by communities of Anishinaabe people in our territory. The Medicine Wheel represents that all people must come together for humanity to find balance on earth.


Sport and education can help provide student-athletes the skills necessary to be successful in life. We utilize the traditional knowledge systems carried within the Medicine Wheel teachings to help our student-athletes create positive impacts and build success.


Our foundation tries to play our part by helping young people find their own balance within themselves as well as learn skills necessary to make a team, family, and community successful.


The Rising Stars Foundation works towards ensuring that we uphold the noble philosophy of the Medicine Wheel by ensuring that all our student-athletes and coaches have the opportunity to be involved. 

We want to ensure all underserved youth have the opportunity to reach their untapped potential.

Our Mission

As a charitable, and truly grassroots organization, our mission is to enrich underserved youth in our community by supporting, developing, and mentoring young student leaders from all backgrounds


Our Vision

Our vision is to help underserved young people from all socio-economic backgrounds in Manitoba see that they can rise up and help make our community a better place.  We support young students-athletes and teachers by helping provide access to various teaching and learning opportunities.  Our Foundation looks to empower our youth through educational skills development and connecting to them and community. In doing so, we want to make our young people "stars"- shining lights in our community for years to come!

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Rising Stars Foundation

The Rising Stars Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships, support, and mentorship opportunities for aspiring student-athletes and student-coaches throughout Manitoba. Through a variety of initiatives throughout the year, the Foundation aims to develop leaders through a combination of academics and athletics.

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