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Tutoring & Training


Hollistic Student Development

Rising Stars Tutoring and Training Program was developed to provide youth and aspiring student-athletes with FREE, high-quality programming during formal educational breaks such as holidays, Summer and Winter breaks. The training provided will focus on physical, mental and emotional development. Tutoring sessions help students with time-management, ongoing academics courses, and assist in goal setting.


WHERE: Link will be provided after registration and consent forms are completed.

WHEN: Saturdays 3 - 5 pm Central Time

Exact dates are to be confirmed

WHAT TO BRING: Course work (Math, Science, and etc)

-Water bottle, training clothes and shoes, towel or yoga mat.

WHAT: Each session will start with a 40-minute educational segment followed by a home workout led by athletic professionals. The sessions will conclude with a voluntary sharing circle highlighting what participants are proud of, what they can improve on and their Star of the day.

HOW: Our network of volunteers includes teachers, university students, and peer tutors that are there to support your academic progress every step of the way.

We also provide application assistance for university/college, scholarships, bursaries, and student financial aid at their respective universities or programs of choice.

For more information on our programs:
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Tutoring Spring 2010
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